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Animators in English language –

thematic and educational holidays

Animators in English language

TIME - as of 1 hour and more

The standard program includes:

  • communication with children in a foreign language;
  • professional properties;
  • child’s face painting;
  • entertainment shows (games and competitiveness);
  • balloons modeling;
  • background music;
  • soap bubbles for pre-school-age children

Recommended for holidays of all kinds.
Age of children – 3-12 years.

Мы получили заявку от Вас. Менеджеры «Миниклуба» рассмотрят ее оперативно. Если в ближайшее время на Вашу электронную почту придет письмо или радостно завибрирует Ваш телефон – это мы!
Animators in English language

Today foreign languages are an integrated part of a children education.

Game in foreign language it’s an exciting possibility to introduce to children the learned language, and also it’s a help in adaptation of children, for which Russian isn’t a native language.

  • Do You want the invited favorite personage speaking in a native language of Your child?
  • Do You need English speaking animators or actors with a fluency German or French languages?
  • Do You want to arose children’s interest of foreign language study and to realize a holiday in a language, which is learned by children?
  • Do You expect guest visit and it should be in English?

The company “Miniclub” offers You a range of new services for Your children! We make thematic holidays in foreign languages. To You can come:

  • Animators, who speak English;
  • Animators, who speak German;
  • Animators, who speak French;
  • Animators, who speak Ukrainian.

We make holidays with different thematic for mental relaxation, education and getting to know other languages. Call us and invite the leading animators with foreign language skills!

Festive programs concept

Animators in English language

Programs in foreign languages are divided into two concepts:

  • Motive games for Russian speaking children, who learn a particular foreign language.
  • Games for children, who don’t speak (or speak very ill) Russian language.

Depending of concept we choose language lexicon and games. In the first case our programs are targeted at the education, motivation of study and exposure into the new culture of the other language; and the programs for children, who speak Russian ill, are intended to return children in a habitual linguistic situation. The holidays are realized by the animators with fluency foreign languages and also animators-native language speakers. There is also a possibility to make a holiday in a second foreign language for foreign speaking children (for example, a holiday in German language for children, whose native language is English).

Educational holidays for babies and scholars

Animators in English language

It’s no secret, that education during the game is the most effective. English speaking animator can teach jolly and interesting!

We make thematic holidays in foreign languages:

    • Musical minutes;
    • Different game quests with treasure hunting and codified maps;
    • Quiz and proverbs;
    • Adventures with traditional heroes for the chosen language;
    • Etiquette minutes;
    • Holidays with the historical thematic.

The program overview depends on knowledge level of a foreign language. The games plans are formed in the manner, to be insightful even in the case, if the children speak language ill. We offer also detailed programs for those children, who speak foreign language well.

Your Child doesn’t know Russian language?
We speak his native language!

Animators in English language

Your Child doesn’t know Russian language?

It’s not a reason to keep him out of funny and driving holidays with favorite heroes-animators.

Invite us and we will present your children interesting interactive performances in a native language.

At the heart of the program can be original adventures, as also favorite and well known German, English and French animated heroes.

Animator in English or other foreign language it’s a diving in another and interesting culture, exciting game, and also a possibility for children to flaunt their knowledge and to put it into practice.

Мы получили заявку от Вас. Менеджеры «Миниклуба» рассмотрят ее оперативно. Если в ближайшее время на Вашу электронную почту придет письмо или радостно завибрирует Ваш телефон – это мы!

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